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We have a proven track record that spans decades with 22 Years of Journey.

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Our story Started in 1997 by focusing on innovation.

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We aim to make our products & services with no defect.

Our Products

Bathroom Support Grab Bars.

To provide protection to the wall & wall corners from the stretchers. Usually the stretcher in times of movement along the corridors and staircase always tends to scratch, damage the walls which over the time look dirty and ugly.

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Monitor Stands.

Monitor stands made up of Mild Steel (M.S) powder coated aluminium which holds up to 5Kgs of weight which is helpful in both horizontal & the vertical movement along with Stainless steel basket

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Infusion Hangers.

Stainless steel IV Hangers which runs channel from on the aluminium one end of the room to other. It also has an advantage in the vertical extension when it is in use and is helpful in holing 10 liters

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Lab Coat, O.T Gowns, Patient Dress & Staff Uniforms

We specialize in making high quality of Lab Coat, Patient dress, and Staff Uniforms using superior cloth variety durable to the standard sizes.

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Venetian Blinds.

A typical window blind is made up of several long horizontal or vertical slots of various types of hard material, including wood, plastic or metal which are held together by cords So that runs through the blind slots smoothly.

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Hospital Bedside Curtains Partitions.

Usually the curtains plays a prominent role not only hygiene but also in providing the privacy to the patients. It also increases the decorative value of the hospitals as well.

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Wall Protection Guards/Handrails.

Handrails are made of aluminium section which is drilled & fixed on the corridor wall .

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