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Polyester Based Netted Curtains

All our curtains are ‘Medicated’ & ‘Water Resistant’ quality. These curtains are designed in such a way that it would provide:

1.Fresh air and Ventilation to pass through from net at the top
2.Patients will have privacy & can be comfortable from the outside disturbance.
3.It also increases the decorative value of the hospital

Aluminium Channels

1.White powder coated aluminium channel is designed to provide the strength for holding the curtains which minimizes the space constraints in the hospital.
2.All our channels and suspenders are the extrusions from one of the leading aluminium extrusion manufacturer in the country.
3.Our indigenously manufactured fitting accessories such as Bush, Bracket and Hooks made of high quality nylon in order to avoid corrosion, rusting etc
4.Our technical team are experienced who would deliver the work according to the customers’ satisfaction and maintain high standards
5.We provide 5 additional runners in order to ensure smooth running of curtains in the channels for a longer duration. 6.For each bedside channel ‘Hooks Removal Point’ is provided in order to add or remove the hooks from the curtain.

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